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  • Free Windows Desktop Software Security List – IP-Blocking Pop-up Blocker and more

    IP-Blocking / Popup-Blocker / Hardening

    IP filtering applications:
    Bot Revolt

    HTTP filtering applications:
    NoVirusThanks Website Blocker
    Web Monitor
    Active Wall Web Filter

    Parental control:
    Best Free Parental Filter
    Norton Safety Minder
    Windows Live Family Safety
    K9 Web Protection
    Avira Social Network Protection
    Parental Control Bar
    AOL Parental Controls
    Kidz CD
    Cloudacl Addons (FF,Ch)
    FoxFilter (FF,Ch)
    ProCon Latte (FF)
    Profanity Filter (FF, Ch)
    Blocksi (Ch)
    Kurupira Web Filter
    Safe Internet for kids
    Dns Angel
    See also in this list: Password protect applications

    IP/URL/domain blacklists:
    Spy Eye Tracker
    Zeus Tracker
    Blocklist Manager
    Threat Log

    Domain security:
    Subsections follow.

    1. Domain Name System (DNS):
    Subsections follow.

    1.1 Public DNS servers:
    Norton ConnectSafe
    Comodo Secure DNS
    DNS Advantage
    Google DNS
    Gozoom DNS
    Safe DNS
    Verisign Public DNS
    More: 1; 2

    1.2. DNS server configuration:
    Public DNS Server Tool
    DNS Helper
    ChrisPC DNS switch
    Check DNS-settings
    Dns jumper
    DNS Benchmark

    1.3. DNS server applications:

    1.4. DNS proxies:

    1.5. DNS encryption:
    DNSSEC Validator (FF)
    DNSSEC or not? 

    2. Hosts file:
    Subsections follow.

    2.1. Information:
    Using the Windows Hosts File for Security and Privacy

    2.2. Third-party hosts files:
    someonewhocares HOSTS

    2.3. Management:
    BISS Host File Manager; download
    BlueLifeHosts editor
    PowerShell script
    Hosts Block

    Subsections follow.

    1. Information:
    How to Avoid Getting Spammed
    How to Reduce Spam
    Quickly Block All Future Emails From Selected Senders In Gmail

    2. Spam filtering applications:
    Best Free Spam Filter for the Average User
    Best Free Spam Filter for Experienced Users
    Spam Blockers: The Best Products for Home Use
    Comodo Antispam
    BullGuard Spamfilter
    AVS Antispam
    Agnitum Spam Terrier
    AntispamSniper for The Bat!
    BitDefender 4blogs

    3. Spam blacklists:
    Spamhaus ; Why was my IP address listed on Spamhaus?
    SpamCop Blocking List
    Project Honey Pot

    Browser element blacklists:
    Adding unwanted sites to the Internet Explorer Restricted Zone

  • E-Payment Alert Notification From Another US Bank – Customer phishing scam

    A slightly unusual phishing scam today


    The original email is nothing special and has a blank body and a PDF attachment. The PDF has a link to https://kamzink.com/redirect-new-alert-logon/redirect.htm which redirects you to ( or should redirect you to ) https://rattanhospital.co.in/new-usbank-security-update/usbank.com.online.logon/home  However this site only works in Firefox using Noscript when I block scripts from  omtrdc.net. ( which looks like an Adobe Marketing cloud analytics script)  Allowing scripts from that site display a blank page for me in all browsers.  I assume the phishers made a mistake and that script will only work on the genuine website so is  unable to display the page. This shows the error in just copy & pasting an entire website homepage  & just changing a few links on it.  Anyway, anything the phishers do wrong is a step in the right direction to protect users.

    Please read our How to protect yourselves page for simple, sensible advice on how to avoid being infected by this sort of socially engineered malware.

    The original email looks like this It will NEVER be a genuine email from your bank  any other company so don’t ever click the link in the email. If you do it will lead you to a website that looks at first glance like the genuine usbank website but you can clearly see in the address bar, that it is fake. Some versions of this and similar phishes will ask you fill in the html ( webpage) form that comes attached to the email.

    From: US BANK <unitedbankpayment.alert@communication.com>>

    Date: Wed 28/12/2016 08:15

    Subject: E-Payment Alert Notification From Another US Bank Customer

    Attachment: US_Bank_Payment_2_.pdf

    Body content:  Blank / Empty

    Following the link sends you to a site looking identical to the genuine usbank.com website ( with the above provisos)

    All of these emails use Social engineering tricks to persuade you to open the attachments that come with the email. Whether it is a message saying “look at this picture of me I took last night” and it appears to come from a friend or is more targeted at somebody who regularly is likely to receive PDF attachments or Word .doc attachments or any other common file that you use every day. Or whether it is a straight forward attempt, like this one, to steal your personal, bank, credit card or email and social networking log in details. Be very careful when unzipping them and make sure you have “show known file extensions enabled“, And then look carefully at the unzipped file. If it says .EXE then it is a problem and should not be run or opened.

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  • Microsoft continues its legacy of spying on its windows users! Windows 10 Privacy Spy destroyer

    DISTROY WINDOWS 10 SPYING – Privacy Concerns

    Microsoft Windows 10 Software

    As we all know since windows 7 Microsoft has altered its operating system to be more user friendly and at the same time collect more user data on its customers, When windows 8 was launched , there were big changes including location platform and many more but now with the new Windows 10 release there are endless limitations on the collection of data being sent to Microsoft.

    Some group has released a piece of software which eliminates all apps, and blocks the data from being sent to Microsoft. I will not comment much on the software but see below what it does block.

    Also a new app by the name of DoNotSpy10 has been created by a German developer pXc-coding.

    Destroy Windows 10 Spying is an app that can block anonymous data being sent, remove apps that can’t be removed the standard way and more. I liked that it can remove some of the Windows default programs that can’t be removed under Apps & Features, an annoyance I immediately discovered since I prefer to “slim” down windows.

    I should note that there are still a few steps to complete, you’ll still need to go online to Microsoft’s site and opt out of the company’s invasive advertising tracking features when using DoNotSpy10 or other piece of software.

    It’s your own fault if you don’t know that Windows 10 is spying on you. That’s what people always say when users fail to read through a company’s terms of service document, right?

    Well, here is Microsoft’s 12,000-word service agreement. Some of it is probably in English. We’re pretty sure it says you can’t steal Windows or use Windows to send spam, and also that Microsoft retains the right to take possession of your first-born child if it so chooses. And that’s only one of several documents you’ll have to read through.

    Actually, here’s one excerpt from Microsoft’s privacy statement that everyone can understand:

    Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to: 1.comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process, including from law enforcement or other government agencies; 2.protect our customers, for example to prevent spam or attempts to defraud users of the services, or to help prevent the loss of life or serious injury of anyone; 3.operate and maintain the security of our services, including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks; or 4.protect the rights or property of Microsoft, including enforcing the terms governing the use of the services – however, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen intellectual or physical property of Microsoft, we will not inspect a customer’s private content ourselves, but we may refer the matter to law enforcement.

    If that sentence sent shivers down your spine, don’t worry. As invasive as it is, Microsoft does allow Windows 10 users to opt out of all of the features that might be considered invasions of privacy.
    Some of the domains we know send anonymous information back to Microsoft include:



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  • CTB-Locker ransomware spreading through fake Windows 10 Update emails

    With the highly publicized release of Microsoft’s Windows 10 on July 29th, scammers and malware developers were quick to jump in and use it as a method of distributing malware. Cisco’s Talos Group has discovered a email campaign underway that pretends to be from Microsoft and contains an attachment that will supposedly allow you to upgrade to Windows 10. In reality, though, this email is fake and once you double-click on the attached file, you will instead become infected with the encrypting ransomware CTB-Locker.


    Image of fake Windows Update Email courtesy of Cisco

    As you can see the email pretends to be from the email address update@microsoft.com and contains the subject [b]Windows 10 Free Update. Even the email message looks legitimate with no spelling mistakes or strange grammar. This is because the content is copied directly from Microsoft’s site. The only tell-tale sign is that there will be some characters that do not render properly. Unfortunately, this small sign will not be enough for many people to notice.

    Furthermore, once they download the attachment and extract it, the attached Win10Installer.exe icon will be the familiar Windows 10 logo.

    It isn’t until you inspect the file properties of the attachment, do you see that something is not right as its file description will be iMacros Web Automation and the copyright for the program will belong to Ipswitch. Ipswitch is a legitimate company and not the ones who released this malware.

    Finally, if a user double-clicks on the Win10Installer.exe file, they will not be greeted with the normal Windows 10 upgrade screen. Instead, after a brief delay they will be shown the screen for the CTB-Locker ransomware.

    CTB-Locker Computer Virus removal and data file recovery service. Local and Online service. Fort Lauderdale,Miami, Boca Raton and all South florida
    CTB-Locker Computer Virus removal and data file recovery service. Local and Online service. Fort Lauderdale,Miami, Boca Raton and all South florida

    At this point, the computer’s data will be encrypted and there is not much that can be done about it.


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  • Cryptowall 3.0 is back and rapidly spreading – Ransom Virus Malware Spyware Spam Email

    Cryptowall 3.0 Spreading again Removal DecrypterCryptowall 3.0 Rapidly Spreading again Removal Repair Recovery and Decrypter
    Cryptowall 3.0 Spreading again Removal DecrypterCryptowall 3.0 Rapidly Spreading again Removal Repair Ransom Recovery and Decrypter CALL 754-234-5598

    Since the Angler Exploit Kit began in late May spreading Cryptowall 3.0 ransomware, traffic containing the malware has continued to grow, putting more potential victims in harm’s way.

    A week ago, the SANS Internet Storm Center reported that Cryptowall 3.0 infections are emanating from not only the prolific exploit kit, but also from malicious spam campaigns. The two means of infections share some common characteristics, lending credence to the theory that the same group may be behind both.
    Version 3.0 is the latest iteration of Cryptowall, which is also known as Crowti. Like other ransomware families, Cryptowall 3.0 encrypts files stored on a compromised computer and demands a ransom, usually $500 payable in Bitcoin, in exchange for the encryption key. The malware uses numerous channels to communicate and send stolen traffic to its keepers, including I2P and Tor anonymity networks. Researchers at Cisco in February said that Cryptowall 3.0 abandoned using a dropper for propagation, opting instead to use exploit kits.

    As of this morning, SANS incident handler and Rackspace security researcher Brad Duncan said that the latest run of Angler Exploit Kit traffic showed that the attackers had added a different Bitcoin address than the one used previously.

    At this point, I’m not 100 percent certain it’s the same actor behind all this Cryptowall 3.0 we’ve been seeing lately,” Duncan wrote on the SANS ISC website. “However, my gut feeling tells me this activity is all related to the same actor or group. The timing is too much of a coincidence.

    Duncan said that a check on blockchain.info for activity on the two Bitcoin addresses shows some transactions, indicating some victims are paying the ransom.

    “We’re seeing a lot more samples of CryptoWall 3.0 in the spam/EK traffic now than before, so maybe the increased exposure might help infect more computers,” Duncan said, adding that he had no data on whether any of the victims who did pay the ransom were receiving encryption keys and are able to salvage their data.

    Duncan said this latest spike began May 25 from both the malicious spam and Angler angles; both campaigns were still active as of early this morning.

    The spam campaign uses Yahoo email addresses to send Cryptowall 3.0 via attachments. The attachments are called my_resume.zip and contain an HTML file called my_resume.svg. Duncan said the attackers have begun appending numbers to the file names, such as resume4210.html or resume9647.html.

    Opening the attachment and extracting the malicious file gives you an HTML document. If you open one of these HTML files, your browser will generate traffic to a compromised server,” Duncan wrote. “The return traffic is gzip compressed, so you won’t see it in the TCP stream from Wireshark. Exporting the text from Wireshark shows HTML that points to a shared document from a Google server.

    Cryptowall is hosted on a number of different docs.google.com URLs, he said, a list of which is posted on the SANS website. The Bitcoin address used for payment in the spam campaign is 16REtGSobiQZoprFnXZBR2mSWvRyUSJ3ag, the same address found in other spam samples.

    Infections coming from Angler began May 26, and were the first Cryptowall 3.0 infections seen from Angler. The Bitcoin address used in Angler infections is 16Z6sidfLrfNoxJNu4qM5zhRttJEUD3XoB, SANS said. Duncan reports that a second Bitcoin address, 12LE1yNak3ZuNTLa95KYR2CQSKb6rZnELb, was used as of today.

    “There are any number of reasons to use more than one Bitcoin address. It could be a back-up, in case law enforcement is closing in on the other one. It could be a way to track different infections, geographically,” Duncan said. “I’m not sure on this one. It’s just my gut feeling, which could be wrong.”

    Duncan said that a new slate of WordPress sites were redirecting to Angler in this campaign, based on web injects observed.

    “The significance is that there are plenty of vulnerable websites running outdated or unpatched versions of WordPress,” Duncan said. “The actors behind this (and other) campaigns will have a continuous supply of websites that can be compromised and used for these efforts.”


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  • TripAdvisor’s Viator Hit by Massive 1.4 Million Payment Card Data Breach

    TripAdvisor’s Viator Hit by Massive 1.4 million Payment Card Data Breach

    TripAdvisor has reportedly been hit by a massive data breach at its Online travel booking and review website Viator, that may have exposed payment card details and account credentials of its customers, affecting an estimated 1.4 million of its customers.

    The San Francisco-based Viator, acquired by TripAdvisor – the world’s largest travel site – for £122 million (US$ 200 million) back in July, admitted late on Friday that the intruders have hacked into some of its customers’ payment card accounts and made unauthorized charges.

    The data breach was discovered in the bookings made through Viator’s websites and mobile offerings that could potentially affect payment card data.

    Viator said that the company has hired forensic experts to figure out the extent of the breach. Meanwhile, the company has begun notifying its affected customers about the security breach as said by the travel outfit in a press release.

    “On September 2, we were informed by our payment card service provider that unauthorized charges occurred on a number of our customers’ credit cards,” Viator wrote. “We have hired forensic experts, notified law enforcement and we have been working diligently and comprehensively to investigate the incident, identify how our systems may have been impacted, and secure our systems.”

    “While our investigation is ongoing, we are in the process of notifying approximately 1.4 million Viator customers, who had some form of information potentially affected by the compromise.”

    During investigation it found that the cybercriminals have broken into its internal databases and accessed the payment card data – including encrypted credit or debit card number, card expiration date, name, billing address and email address – of approximately 880,000 customers, and possibly their Viator account information that includes email address, encrypted password and Viator ‘nickname.’

    Additionally, the intruders may have also accessed the Viator account information, including email addresses and encrypted passwords, of over 560,000 Viator customers.

    According to the company, Debit-card PIN numbers were not included in the breach because Viator does not store them. The travel advisor said that they believe that the CVV number, the security numbers printed on the back of the customer’s credit card, were also not stolen in the breach.

    For those who are affected by the breach in United States, Viator is offering them identity protection and credit card monitoring services for free and and the company is also investigating the possibility of offering similar services to customers outside the country.

    Meanwhile, the company has warned its affected customers to regularly monitor their card activity and report any fraudulent charges to their card company. “Customers will not be responsible for fraudulent charges to their accounts if they are reported in a timely manner,” Viator said.

    Viator also recommends its users to change their password for the site, as well as all other websites that uses the same credentials.

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    HP Envy

    • HP Envy dv6         HP Envy dv7         HP Envy m6
    • HP Envy m7          HP Envy 15            HP Envy 17

    G series (also called Pavilion)


    HP G61 Notebook.
    • HP G5000              HP G6000             HP G7000           HP G60 Notebook PC
    • HP G61                    HP G62                  HP G70                HP G42-366TX
    • HP Pavilion g6       HP Pavilion g7

    HP Mini

    • HP Mini 110/HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje
    • HP Mini 210 with Intel Atom

    Workstations PA-RISC based

    • HP workstation c8000        HP workstation b2600        HP workstation c3600
    • HP workstation c3650         HP workstation c3700        HP workstation c3750
    • HP workstation j6750          HP Visualization Center sv7
    • HP Visualize B180 (Single CPU)          HP Visualize C200 (Single CPU)
    • HP Visualize B1000 (Single CPU)       HP Visualize C3000 (Single CPU)
    • HP Visualize C3600 (Single CPU)       HP Visualize J5000 (Dual CPU)
    • HP Visualize J5600 (Dual CPU)          HP Visualize J7000 (Quad CPU)
    • HP Visualize J7600 (Quad CPU)

    Itanium based

    • HP Workstation i2000 – up to two Itanium 733 MHz or 800 MHz processors with 2MB or 4MB cache
    • HP Workstation zx2000 – Itanium2 single-core processor with clock rates between 900 MHz and 1.5 GHz
    • HP Workstation zx6000 – up to two Itanium2 single-core processors with clock rates between 900 MHz and 1.6 GHz

    Alpha based (from DEC, via Compaq)

    • AlphaStation ES47        AlphaStation DS25        AlphaStation DS15

    x86 based

    • HP x2000 – Socket 423 Pentium 4 (Willamette) processor and RDRAM memory
    • HP x2100 – Socket 478 Pentium 4 processor with FSB400 and RDRAM memory
    • HP x4000 – up to two Socket 603 FSB400 single-core Xeon processors and RDRAM memory
    • HP xw3100         HP xw4000         HP xw4100         HP xw4200         HP xw4300
    • HP xw4400 – Intel Core 2 Duo
    • HP xw4550 – Dual or Quad Core Opteron
    • HP xw4600 – Core 2 Duo/Quad/Extreme
    • HP xw5000
    • HP xw6000
    • HP xw6200 – up to two Socket 604 FSB800 single-core Xeon processors
    • HP xw6400 – up to two Xeon 5000 (Netburst dual core), 5100 (dual core) or 5300 (quad core) series processors
    • HP xw6600 – up to two Xeon 5200 (dual core) or 5400 (quad core) series processors
    • HP xw8000 – up to two Socket 604 FSB533 single-core Xeon processors
    • HP xw8200 – up to two Socket 604 FSB800 single-core Xeon processors
    • HP xw8400 – up to two Xeon 5000 (Netburst dual core), 5100 (dual core) or 5300 (quad core) series processors
    • HP xw8600 – up to two Xeon 5200 (dual core) or 5400 (quad core) series processors
    • HP xw9300 – up to two Socket 940 Opteron 200 series processors (single/dual core)
    • HP xw9400 – up to two Socket F Opteron 2200 series (dual core), 2300 series (quad core) or 2400 series (6 core) processors
    • HP Compaq nw8000 – Pentium-M powered laptop
    • HP Z1 – All In One Workstation
    • HP Z200
    • HP Z220 – intel Sandy Bridge i3, i5, i7 and E3-12xx
    • HP Z400 – intel Xeon 3500 or 3600 series processor
    • HP Z420 – intel Xeon E5-16xx or E5-2650v2 series processor
    • HP Z600 – up to two Xeon 5500 or 5600 series (dual/quad/6 core) processors
    • HP Z620 – up to two Xeon E5-1xxx or E5-2xxx series (4/6/8/10/12 core) processors
    • HP Z800 – up to two Xeon 5500 or 5600 series (dual/quad/6 core) processors
    • HP Z820 – up to two Xeon 2600 series (6 core/8 core) processors

    Blade Workstations

    • HP xw25p          HP xw460c


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    Toshiba Satellite Laptops

    A100-1F004M | A105-S2194

    A300 Series:


    A500 Series:

    A500-ST56EX | A505-S6007 | A505-S6016 | A505-S6031 | A505-S6034 | A505-S6035 | A505-S6983 | A505-S6984

    C50 Series:

    Toshiba C55-A5309 Laptop | Toshiba C55-B5272 Laptop | BC55-A5105 Refurbished Laptop | BC55D-A5107 Refurbished Laptop | BC55Dt-A5106 Refurbished Laptop | BC55Dt-A5307 Refurbished Laptop | BC55T-A5103 Refurbished Laptop | BC55t-A5314 Refurbished Laptop | C50-ASMBNX4 Laptop | C50-AST2NX2 Laptop | C50-AST3NX2 Laptop | C50-AST3NX4 Laptop | C50-AST3NX5 Laptop | C50-BBT2N11 Laptop | C50-BBT2N12 Laptop | C50-BST2NX1 Laptop | C50-BST2NX2 Laptop | C50-BST2NX3 Laptop | C50T-AST2NX2 Laptop | C55-A5100 Laptop | C55-A5100 Refurbished Laptop | C55-A5104 Laptop | C55-A5105 Laptop | C55-A5126 Laptop | C55-A5137 Laptop | C55-A5140 Laptop | C55-A5166 Laptop | C55-A5172 Laptop | C55-A5180 Laptop | C55-A5182 Laptop | C55-A5190 Laptop | C55-A5195 Laptop | C55-A5204 Laptop | C55-A5220 Laptop | C55-A5242 Laptop | C55-A5243 Laptop | C55-A5243NR Laptop | C55-A5245 Laptop | C55-A5246 Laptop | C55-A5246NR Laptop | C55-A5249 Laptop | C55-A5281 Laptop | C55-A5282 Laptop | C55-A5285 Laptop | C55-A5286 Laptop | C55-A5298 Laptop | C55-A5300 Laptop | C55-A5302 Laptop | C55-A5308 Laptop | C55-A5310 Laptop | C55-A5311 Laptop | C55-A5322 Laptop | C55-A5324 Laptop | C55-A5330 Laptop | C55-A5332 Laptop | C55-A5347 Laptop | C55-A5354 Laptop | C55-A5355 Laptop | C55-A5369 Laptop | C55-A5384 Laptop | C55-A5386 Laptop | C55-A5388 Laptop | C55-A5390 Laptop | C55-A5393 Laptop | C55-B5200 Laptop | C55-B5201 Laptop | C55-B5202 Laptop | C55-B5246 Laptop | C55-B5270 Laptop | C55-B5290 Laptop | C55-B5291 Laptop | C55-B5293 Laptop | C55-B5295 Laptop | C55-B5296 Laptop | C55-B5297 Laptop | C55-B5298 Laptop | C55-B5299 Laptop | C55D-A5107 Laptop | C55D-A5108 Laptop | C55D-A5120 Laptop | C55D-A5146 Laptop | C55D-A5150 Laptop | C55D-A5163 Laptop | C55D-A5170 Laptop | C55D-A5175 Laptop | C55D-A5201 Laptop | C55D-A5206 Laptop | C55D-A5208 Laptop | C55D-A5240 Laptop | C55D-A5240NR Laptop | C55D-A5304 Laptop | C55D-A5333 Laptop | C55D-A5344 Laptop | C55D-A5346 Laptop | C55D-A5362 Laptop | C55D-A5372 Laptop | C55D-A5380 Laptop | C55D-A5381 Laptop | C55D-A5382 Laptop | C55D-A5392 Laptop | C55D-B5212 Laptop | C55D-B5241 Laptop | C55D-B5242 Laptop | C55D-B5244 Laptop | C55DT-A5305 Laptop | C55Dt-A5106 Touchscreen Laptop | C55Dt-A5148 Laptop | C55Dt-A5160 Laptop | C55Dt-A5162 Laptop | C55Dt-A5231 Laptop | C55Dt-A5233 Laptop | C55Dt-A5241 Laptop | C55Dt-A5244 Laptop | C55Dt-A5250 Laptop | C55Dt-A5306 Laptop | C55Dt-A5307 Touchscreen Laptop | C55Dt-A5348 Laptop | C55Dt-B5245 Laptop | C55T-A5103 Laptop | C55T-A5123 Laptop | C55T-A5370 Laptop | C55T-B5109 Laptop | C55T-B5230 Laptop | C55t-A5102 Touchscreen Laptop | C55t-A5218 Laptop | C55t-A5222 Laptop | C55t-A5247 Laptop | C55t-A5287 Laptop | C55t-A5296 Laptop | C55t-A5314 Laptop | C55t-A5350 Laptop | C55t-A5378 Laptop | C55t-A5394 Laptop | C55t-B5110 Laptop | C55t-B5286 Laptop

    C650 Series:

    C655-S5544 Laptop | C655D-S5063 Laptop | C655D-S50852 Laptop | C655D-S5337 Laptop

    C70 Series:

    C70-AST3NX2 Laptop | C70-BBT2N11 Laptop | C70-BST2NX1 Laptop | C75-A7120 Laptop | C75-A7390 Laptop | C75D-A7102 Laptop | C75D-A7130 Laptop | C75D-A7286 Laptop | C75D-A7310 Laptop | C75D-A7340 Laptop | C75D-A7370 Laptop | C75D-B7215 Laptop | C75D-B7220 Laptop | C75D-B7230 Laptop | C75D-B7260 Laptop | C75D-B7280 Laptop

    C850 Series:

    Toshiba C855D-S5320 Laptop | C850-ST3NX5 Laptop | C850-ST4NX2 Laptop | C855-S5123 Laptop | C855-S5190 Laptop | C855-S5345 Laptop | C855-S5348 Laptop | C855-S5349 Laptop | C855-S5349N Laptop | C855-S5350 Laptop | C855-S5350N Laptop | C855-S5352 Laptop | C855-S5356 Laptop | C855-S5358 Laptop | C855-S5630 Laptop | C855D-S5103 Laptop | C855D-S5104 Laptop | C855D-S5105 Laptop | C855D-S5109 Laptop | C855D-S5110 Laptop | C855D-S5116 Laptop | C855D-S5135NR Laptop | C855D-S5196 Laptop | C855D-S5201 Laptop | C855D-S5351 Laptop | C855D-S5354 Laptop | C855D-S5900 Laptop | C855D-S5950 Laptop

    C870 Series:

    C875-S7340 Laptop | C875D-S7105 Laptop | C875D-S7120 Laptop | C875D-S7330 Laptop | C875D-S7345 Laptop

    Click Series:

    W35Dt-AST2N01 Laptop | W35Click-A3300 Laptop

    Click2 Series:


    Click2Pro Series:

    Click 2 Pro P30W-BST2N22 Ultrabook | Click 2 Pro P35W-B3220 | Click 2 Pro P35W-B3226

    E100 Series:

    E105-S1402 | E105-S1802

    E300 Series:

    E305-S1990X Laptop

    E40 Series:

    E45T-A4200 Ultrabook™ | E45T-A4300 Ultrabook™ | E45T-AST2N02 Ultrabook™ | E45T-B4204 Laptop | E45t-A4100 Touchscreen Laptop

    E50 Series:

    E55-A5114 Laptop | E55t-AST2N01 Ultrabook™

    L300 Series:

    L305-S5921 | L300-0LF04G | L300-0MW02L | L300-0QW02L | L305-S5876 | L305-S5907 | L305-S5908 | L305-S5909 | L305-S5911 | L305-S5916 | L305-S5917 | L305-S5918 | L305-S5919 | L305-S5924 | L305-S5926 | L305-S5929 | L305-S5933 | L305-S5934 | L305-S5937 | L305-S5939 | L305-S5941 | L305-S5942 | L305-S5944 | L305-S5945 | L305-S5946 | L305-S5948 | L305-S59512 | L305D-S5914 | L305D-S59143 | L305D-S5922 | L305D-S59222 | L305D-S5925 | L305D-S5927 | L305D-S5928 | L305D-S5930 | L305D-S5932 | L305D-S5938 | L305D-S5940 | L305D-S5949 | L305D-S5950 | L305D-S5974

    L350 Series:

    L350-09701Q | L355-S7811 | L355-S7834 | L355-S7835 | L355-S7837 | L355-S7900 | L355-S7902 | L355-S79023 | L355-S7905 | L355D-S7829 | L355D-S7832 | L355D-S7901 | L355D-S7819

    L40 Series:

    L40-ASMBNX2 Laptop | L40-ASMBNX4 Laptop | L45t-A4230 Laptop | L45t-A4230NR Laptop

    L450 Series:

    L455-S5000 | L455-S5008 | L455-S5009 | L455-S5045 | L455-S5046 | L455-S5975 | L455-S5980 | L455-S5981 | L455-S5989

    L50 Series:

    L50-BBT2N22 Laptop | L50-BST2NX1 Laptop | L50-BST2NX2 Laptop | L50D-AST3NX2 Laptop | L50D-BBT2N22 Laptop | L50D-BST2NX1 Laptop | L50D-BST2NX2 Laptop | L55-A5168 Laptop | L55-A5184 Laptop | L55-A5226 Laptop | L55-A5234 Laptop | L55-A5278 Laptop | L55-A5284 Laptop | L55-A5284NR Laptop | L55-A5299 Laptop | L55-A5351 Laptop | L55-A5385 Laptop | L55-B5237 Laptop | L55-B5254 Laptop | L55-B5255 Laptop | L55-B5267 Laptop | L55-B5276 Laptop | L55-B5288 Laptop | L55-B5294 Laptop | L55D-A5252 Laptop | L55D-A5349 Laptop | L55D-B5238 Laptop | L55DT-A5253 Laptop | L55DT-A5253NR Laptop | L55Dt-A5254 Lapotop | L55Dt-A5293 Laptop | L55Dt-B5256 Laptop | L55T-A5232 Laptop | L55T-A5353 Laptop | L55T-B5271 Laptop | L55T-B5278 Laptop | L55t-A5152 Laptop | L55t-A5186 Laptop | L55t-A5186NR Laptop | L55t-A5290 Laptop | L55t-B5257W Laptop

    L500 Series:

    L500-ST55X1 | L505-ES5011 | L505-ES5012 | L505-ES5015 | L505-ES5016 | L505-ES5033 | L505-ES5036 | L505-GS5035 | L505-GS5037 | L505-GS5038 | L505-GS6002 | L505-LS5014 | L505-LS5017 | L505-LS5021 | L505-S5964 | L505-S5990 | L505-S5993 | L505-S5995 | L505-S5997 | L505-S5998 | L505-S5999 | L505-S6959 | L505D-ES5024 | L505D-ES5025 | L505D-ES5026 | L505D-ES5027 | L505D-GS6003 | L505D-LS5001 | L505D-LS5002 | L505D-LS5003 Laptop | L505D-LS5004 | L505D-LS5005 | L505D-LS5006 | L505D-LS5007 | L505D-LS5010 | L505D-LS5019 | L505D-S5983 | L505D-S5985 | L505D-S5986 | L505D-S5987 | L505D-S5992 | L505D-S5994 | L505D-S5996 | L515-S4005 | L515-S4010 | L515-S4960 | L555-S7002 | L555-S7010 | L555-S7929 | L555-S7945 | L555D-S7005 | L555D-S7006 | L555D-S7930 | L555D-S7932

    L510 Series:

    L515-S4005 | L515-S4010 | L515-S4960

    L550 Series:

    L555-S7002 | L555-S7008 | L555-S7010 | L555-S7929 | L555-S7945 | L555D-S7005 | L555D-S7006 | L555D-S7930 | L555D-S7932

    L630 Series:

    L635-S3010 Laptop | L635-S3010WH Laptop | L635-S3015 Laptop | L635-S3020RD Laptop | L635-S3020WH Laptop | L635-S3050BN Laptop | L635-S3050RD Laptop | L635-S3050WH Laptop

    L640 Series:

    L645-S4026WH Laptop | L645-S4055 Laptop | L645-S4059 Laptop | L645-S4060 Laptop | L645D-S4037BN Laptop | L645D-S4037RD Laptop | L645D-S4037WH Laptop | L645D-S4050 Laptop | L645D-S4050BN Laptop | L645D-S4050GY Laptop | L645D-S4050RD Laptop | L645D-S4050WH Laptop | L645D-S4058BN Laptop | L645D-S4058RD Laptop

    L650 Series:

    L655-S5060 | L655-S5061 | L655-S5065 | L655-S5065RD | L655-S5065WH | L655-S5069 | L655-S5072 | L655-S5078 | L655-S5078RD | L655-S5078WH | L655-S5083 Laptop | L655-S5097 Laptop | L655-S5098 Laptop | L655-S5098RD Laptop | L655-S5098WH Laptop | L655-S5099 Laptop | L655-S5100BN Laptop | L655-S5100RD Laptop | L655-S5100WH Laptop | L655-S5105 Laptop | L655-S5106RD Laptop | L655-S5106WH Laptop | L655-S5107 Laptop | L655-S5108 Laptop | L655-S5111 Laptop | L655-S51121 Laptop | L655-S5112BN Laptop | L655-S5112RD Laptop | L655-S5112WH Laptop | L655-S5114 Laptop | L655-S5115 Laptop | L655-S5117 Laptop | L655-S5162X Laptop | L655-S5166WHX Laptop | L655-S5167X Laptop | L655D-S5055 | L655D-S5066 | L655D-S5066BN | L655D-S5066RD | L655D-S5066WH | L655D-S5076 | L655D-S5076WH | L655D-S5093 Laptop | L655D-S5102RD Laptop | L655D-S5102WH Laptop | L655D-S5110RD Laptop

    L670 Series:

    L675-S7044 Laptop | L675-S7112 Laptop | L675D-S7012 | L675D-S7013 | L675D-S7014 | L675D-S7016 | L675D-S7017 | L675D-S7040 Laptop | L675D-S7040GY Laptop | L675D-S7060 Laptop

    L70 Series:

    L70-AST2NX2 Laptop | L70-BBT2N22 Laptop | L75-A7178 Laptop | L75-A7271 Laptop | L75-A7285 Laptop | L75-A7380 Laptop | L75-B7240 Laptop | L75-B7270 Laptop | L75D-7268NR Laptop | L75D-A7190 Laptop | L75D-A7280 Laptop | L75D-A7283 Laptop | L75D-A7288 Laptop

    L730 Series:

    L735-S3210 Laptop | L735-S3210BN Laptop – Brown | L735-S3210RD Laptop – Red | L735-S3210WH Laptop – White | L735-S3220 Laptop | L735-S3220RD Laptop – Red

    L740 Series:

    L745-S4235 Laptop | L745D-S4230 Laptop

    L750 Series:

    L755-S5242BN Laptop – Brown | L755-S5242GR Laptop – Grey | L755-S5242RD Laptop – Red | L755-S5245 Laptop | L755-S5246 Laptop | L755-S5257 Laptop | L755-S5280 Laptop | L755-S5306 Laptop | L755-S5308 Laptop | L755-S5311 Laptop | L755-S5353 Laptop | L755-S5357 Laptop | L755-S5358 Laptop | L755-S5365 Laptop | L755D-S5218 Laptop | L755D-S5227 Laptop | L755D-S5241 Laptop | L755D-S5279 Laptop | L750-ST4NX1 Laptop

    L770 Series:

    L775-S7245 Laptop | L775-S7307 Laptop | L775-S7352 Laptop | L775D-S7220 Laptop | L775D-S7222 Laptop | L775D-S7226 Laptop | L775D-S7228 Laptop | L775D-S7305 Laptop

    L850 Series:

    L855-S5113 Laptop | L855-S5119 Laptop | L855-S5121 Laptop | L855-S5136NR Laptop | L855-S5138NR Laptop | L855-S5155 Laptop | L855-S5156 Laptop | L855-S5157 Laptop | L855-S5160 Laptop | L855-S5162 Laptop | L855-S5163 Laptop | L855-S5171 Laptop | L855-S5186 Laptop | L855-S5187 Laptop | L855-S5189 Laptop | L855-S5198 Laptop | L855-S5366 Laptop | L855-S5383 Laptop | L855-S5405 Laptop | L855D-S5114 Laptop | L855D-S5117 Laptop

    L870 Series:

    L875-S7108 Laptop | L875-S7153 Laptop | L875-S7377 Laptop | L875D-S7131NR Laptop | L875D-S7210 Laptop | L875D-S7332 Laptop | L875D-S7342 Laptop

    L950 Series:

    Toshiba L955-S5142NR Laptop | L955-S5152 Laptop | L955-S5330 Laptop | L955-S5362 Laptop | L955-S5370N Laptop | L955D-S5140NR Laptop | L955D-S5364 Laptop

    M300 Series:

    M305-S4819 | M305-S4822 | M305-S49052 | M305-S4907 | M305-S4910 | M305-S4915 | M305-S49201 | M305-S49203 | M305D-S4828 | M305D-S4829 | M305D-S4831 | M305D-S4833 | M305D-S48331

    M500 Series:

    M505-S1401 | M505-S4020 | M505-S4022 | M505-S4972 | M505-S4975 | M505-S4980 | M505-S4980RD | M505-S4982 | M505-S4985-T | M505-S4990-T | M505D-S4000 | M505D-S4000RD | M505D-S4000WH | M505D-S4970 | M505D-S4970RD | M505D-S4970WH

    M640 Series:

    M645-S4045 Laptop | M645-S4048 Laptop | M645-S4055 Laptop

    NB10 Series:

    NB15T-A1302 Laptop | NB15T-A1304 Laptop

    P200 Series:


    P300 Series:

    P305-S8904 | P305-S89041 | P305-S8906 | P305-S8910 | P305-S8915 | P305-S89151 | P305-S8920 | P305D-S8900 | P305D-S8903

    P50 Series:

    P50-AST3GX1 Laptop | P50-AST3NX1 Laptop | P50-AST3NX3 Laptop | P50-BBT2G22 Laptop | P50-BBT2N22 Laptop | P50-BST2GX1 Laptop | P50-BST2N02 Laptop | P50T-BST2GX1 Laptop | P50T-BST2GX2 Laptop | P50T-BST2GX3 Laqptop | P50T-BST2N01 Laptop | P50t-AST2GX1 Laptop | P55-A5200 Laptop | P55-A5312 Laptop | P55t-A5116 Touchscreen Laptop | P55t-A5202 Laptop | P55t-B5235 Laptop | P55t-B5262 Laptop

    P500 Series:

    P505-S8002 | P505-S8010 | P505-S8011 | P505-S8020 | P505-S8022 | P505-S8940 | P505-S8970 | P505-S8971 | P505-S8980 | P505D-S8000 | P505D-S8005 | P505D-S8007 | P505D-S8960

    P70 Series:

    P75-A7100 Laptop | P75-A7200 Laptop

    P740 Series:

    P745-S4102 Laptop | P745-S4217 Laptop

    P750 Series:

    P755-S5265 Laptop | P755-S5269 Laptop | P755-S5285 Laptop | P755-S5383 Laptop | P755D-S5266 Laptop | P755D-S5379 Laptop

    P770 Series:

    P775-S7215 Laptop | P775-S7320 Laptop | P775D-S7302 Laptop

    P840 Series:

    P845T-S4102 Laptop

    R840 Series:

    R845-S80 Laptop

    Radius Series:

    Radius P55W-B5224 | Radius P50W-BST2N22 | Radius P55W-B5220

    S50 Series:

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    T210 Series:

    T215D-S1160 Laptop | T215D-S1160RD Laptop | T215D-S1160WH Laptop

    T230 Series:

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    U305-S2804 | U305-S2812

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    U840W Series:

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    U940 Series:

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  • iSpy? Researcher exposes backdoor in iPhones and iPads

    How much of your personal data on your iPhone or iPad would you be willing to bet law enforcement or a hacker can grab from your device, even if you’ve encrypted it?

    How about all of it?

    A “backdoor” that Apple built into iOS for developers can be used to spy on iPhones and iPads by governments, law enforcement, or cyber criminals, according to forensics researcher Jonathan Zdziarski.

    For the backdoor to be exploited by a spy, your iDevice needs to be synced to another computer via a feature called iOS pairing.

    Once your iDevice is paired to your PC or Mac, they exchange encryption keys and certificates to establish an encrypted SSL tunnel, and the keys are never deleted unless the iPhone or iPad is wiped with a factory reset.

    That means a hacker could insert spyware on your computer to steal the pairing keys, which allows them to locate and connect to your device via Wi-Fi.

    Because iPhones and iPads automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks with names they recognize, an attacker could then set up a hotspot using a spoofed network name to get your device to connect, and grab all your data.

    Zdziarski used his talk at the HOPE X hacker conference on 18 July to state that Apple’s backdoors give access to personal data that’s beyond what developers or Apple itself need.

    In mentioning that the Snowden leaks revealed the National Security Agency (NSA) had used backdoors in iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, Zdziarski also implied that the NSA may have used Apple’s backdoors for easy access to iPhones and iPads.

    Apple issued a statement to reporters, acknowledging the access through pairing.

    But what Zdziarski described as a backdoor, Apple calls “diagnostic functions” – Apple said developers and IT departments need them for “troubleshooting.”

    Apple’s statement also flatly denies any cooperation with the NSA, or government agencies “from any country.”

    We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security, but still provides needed information to enterprise IT departments, developers and Apple for troubleshooting technical issues.

    A user must have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before that computer is able to access this limited diagnostic data. The user must agree to share this information, and data is never transferred without their consent.

    As we have said before, Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services.

    Zdziarski said:

    Apple’s seeming admission to having these back doors, however legitimate a use they serve Apple, unfortunately have opened up some serious privacy weaknesses as well.

    I think at the very least, this warrants an explanation and disclosure to the some 600 million customers out there running iOS devices.

    The lack of disclosure of these security loopholes is a bit puzzling, but Apple seems to have, at least, done the disclosing part now.

    Will Apple back down?

    Will the programmers in Cupertino be instructed to remove the libraries, or perhaps limit their use to developers debugging their apps?

    Chances are that’s not going to happen, not least because Apple obviously went to some trouble to get all this stuff working in the first place.

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