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  • Microsoft continues its legacy of spying on its windows users! Windows 10 Privacy Spy destroyer

    DISTROY WINDOWS 10 SPYING – Privacy Concerns

    Microsoft Windows 10 Software

    As we all know since windows 7 Microsoft has altered its operating system to be more user friendly and at the same time collect more user data on its customers, When windows 8 was launched , there were big changes including location platform and many more but now with the new Windows 10 release there are endless limitations on the collection of data being sent to Microsoft.

    Some group has released a piece of software which eliminates all apps, and blocks the data from being sent to Microsoft. I will not comment much on the software but see below what it does block.

    Also a new app by the name of DoNotSpy10 has been created by a German developer pXc-coding.

    Destroy Windows 10 Spying is an app that can block anonymous data being sent, remove apps that can’t be removed the standard way and more. I liked that it can remove some of the Windows default programs that can’t be removed under Apps & Features, an annoyance I immediately discovered since I prefer to “slim” down windows.

    I should note that there are still a few steps to complete, you’ll still need to go online to Microsoft’s site and opt out of the company’s invasive advertising tracking features when using DoNotSpy10 or other piece of software.

    It’s your own fault if you don’t know that Windows 10 is spying on you. That’s what people always say when users fail to read through a company’s terms of service document, right?

    Well, here is Microsoft’s 12,000-word service agreement. Some of it is probably in English. We’re pretty sure it says you can’t steal Windows or use Windows to send spam, and also that Microsoft retains the right to take possession of your first-born child if it so chooses. And that’s only one of several documents you’ll have to read through.

    Actually, here’s one excerpt from Microsoft’s privacy statement that everyone can understand:

    Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to: 1.comply with applicable law or respond to valid legal process, including from law enforcement or other government agencies; 2.protect our customers, for example to prevent spam or attempts to defraud users of the services, or to help prevent the loss of life or serious injury of anyone; 3.operate and maintain the security of our services, including to prevent or stop an attack on our computer systems or networks; or 4.protect the rights or property of Microsoft, including enforcing the terms governing the use of the services – however, if we receive information indicating that someone is using our services to traffic in stolen intellectual or physical property of Microsoft, we will not inspect a customer’s private content ourselves, but we may refer the matter to law enforcement.

    If that sentence sent shivers down your spine, don’t worry. As invasive as it is, Microsoft does allow Windows 10 users to opt out of all of the features that might be considered invasions of privacy.
    Some of the domains we know send anonymous information back to Microsoft include:



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  • List of Disposable temporary Email Addresses

    Here is a Small  list of “disposable” email address (DES) domains. You can add these domains to your Master Exclude list (Eloqua > Setup > Management > System Management > Master Exclude List > Domains) , or use them to spot fake email addresses you can safely remove from your database.

    Use at your own risk! If there are any missing please add to the comments below and I will amend the list. If you send me more, please do not include “free” email services such as yahoo and gmail. This is intended to screen out disposable email addresses only. Thanks.

    • 0815.ru
    • 0clickemail.com
    • 0-mail.com
    • 0wnd.net
    • 0wnd.org
    • 10minutemail.com
    • 10minutemail.de
    • 123-m.com
    • 126.com
    • 12minutemail.com
    • 139.com
    • 163.com
    • 1ce.us
    • 1chuan.com
    • 1pad.de
    • 1zhuan.com
    • 20minutemail.com
    • 21cn.com
    • 24hourmail.com
    • 2prong.com
    • 30minutemail.com
    • 33mail.com
    • 3d-painting.com
    • 4warding.com
    • 4warding.net


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  • iPhone 6 leak – Sneak Preview of what’s to come

    If the rumors hold true, the next iPhone could sport a nearly indestructible and perhaps flexible sapphire screen. That sound you hear is Apple muttering, “Bring it on” to device torture-testers everywhere.


    The iPhone 6 seems to be itchin’ for a fight, if the rumors are true.

    A video making the rounds this week purports to show a sapphire crystal screen panel from the upcoming iPhone 6 withstanding some pretty serious scratches and stabs from a hunting knife and some keys.

    It’s an impressive demonstration that, along with other rumors that the next iPhone‘s screen could also be curved or flexible, means that those like myself in the device torture-testing community might need to up our game in the near future.

    In the past, simply dropping a device (sometimes from great heights) has sufficed, but to literally scratch the surface of sapphire’s vulnerabilities is probably going to take a little more creativity.

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  • How to jailbreak iphone 5 iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1. cell phones – mobil

    jailbreak ios tools

    Quite Surprisingly, a team of Chinese hackers, Pangu have released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1.

    This untethered jailbreak is compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, Retina iPad mini and iPod touch 5G running iOS 7.1-iOS 7.1.1.


    The jailbreak tool is currently available for Windows but works on every iOS devices. Many iOS users have posted on Reddit that the tool works successfully.

    Jailbreaking is a process of removing limitations on iOS devices, Apple’s operating system, so you can install third party software not certified by Apple. Such devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV.


    One question rises in my mind that when Apple’s system root protections have been greatly enhanced in an effort to make jailbreaks more difficult, then what’s the whole story behind the unexpectedly release of this jailbreak tool?


    STEPS TO JAILBREAK iOS 7.1 & iOS 7.1.1
    The installation process of the isn’t as simple as the previous jailbreak, but you can follow this Reddit thread:



    1. Make sure you have iTunes installed.
    2. Edit your iPhone’s date to June 2, 2014
    3. Open the PanGu.exe file
    4. Click the black button to the right (also UNCHECK THE CHECKMARK where you see random characters and the “PP”)
    5. As soon as the “brush stroke” loading bar fills to 20%, the PanGu app will appear on your phone
    6. Tap it
    7. Select Continue
    8. It will fill the loading brush stroke until 80% and your iTunes will open (it will only open IF you have iTunesHelper.exe on your Windows Taskbar)
    9. Close iTunes
    10. Your device will reboot
    11. When it opens again, wait for the brush stroke to complete to 100%
    12. Your device will reboot once more
    13. The process will be finished 100%
    14. The PanGu app will be replaced with Cydia
    15. Do your usual stuff by opening Cydia and continue with what you want to install by then.
    16. For precautionary measures, install Complete PPSync Remover (on https://cydia.angelxwind.net repo) because even though you uncheck the “PP” on step 4, it installs it anyway (internally without the app showing)



    This Untethered Jailbreak is compatible with following devices running iOS 7.1-iOS 7.1.1:

    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPhone 4
    • iPad Air
    • iPad 4
    • iPad 3
    • iPad 2
    • iPad mini
    • Retina iPad mini
    • iPod touch 5G
    It’s worth noting that the jailbreak is available from a new team and the said hack is the first from the team. The controversy behind the sudden release of the jailbreak apparently came from one of the exploits used by a security expert and known jailbreaker Stefan Esser, aka i0n1c, who show off the method to jailbreak the iOS 7.1.1 using iPhone 5C during his training session.


    IOS jailbreak tool


    The people behind it reportedly took this training session given by Esser and allegedly exposed his exploit in the market. Esser expressed his disappointment over the adoption of his exploit via his twitter account, and later Esser even called the Pangu team members “thieves” and wished “everyone of my followers who installed Pangu much fun with malware from China.

    The jailbreak tool (download here) apparently installs the most popular third-party app installer Cydia, but also throws in a Chinese store with apps unsanctioned by Apple.

    However, world-renowned software developer and a very well-known iOS hacker, H8sn0w has confirmed via Twitter that the jailbreak tool does not contain any spyware or malicious software in it and is safe to use.

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  • TowelRoot – 1-Click Android Rooting tool released by Geohot

    one click android rooting software app


    Waiting for the root access for your AT&T or Verizon Android phone? Then there is really a Great News for you!

    Geohot (aka George Hotz) – a famed cracker who was responsible for hacking the PlayStation 3 and subsequently being sued by Sony – has built and released a root tool called Towelroot on Sunday night that will let most Android smartphones users to root their Android device with one click only, as long as it has an unpatched version of the Linux kernel.

    Towelroot application exploits the same vulnerability (CVE-2014-3153) which was recently disclosed by the hacker Pinkie Pie in the Linux kernel version 3.14.5 and most versions of other Android devices, which could be leveraged by hackers to potentially acquire root access on affected devices.


    Having root access of your device simply means you make System-level changes to your device such as accessing and modifying any file or program using any mode (single- or multi-user). It is just like operating an administrator account on a computer.

    Towelroot supports handful of devices so far including some particularly tough phones. here’s the list:

    • AT&T Galaxy S5
    • Verizon Galaxy S5
    • Galaxy S4 Active
    • Nexus 5
    • AT&T Galaxy Note 3
    • Verizon Galaxy Note 3
    • Also some users have even reported its success with the all time favorite company of GeoHot, Sony Xperia SP C5303.

    Geohot became famous for being the first person to carrier unlock the original iPhone in 2007 and later for creating the limera1n jailbreak tool for future versions of the iPhone. He gained fame after subsequently hacking the software of the PlayStation 3 console, thereby opening up the ability to add homebrew and play pirated games, for which he was taken to court by Sony.

    Step 1: Download Android Rooting application from towelroot.com and install it.

    Step 2: While Installation you might receive warning message saying that Towelroot “contains code that attempts to bypass Android’s security“. Just hit Install anyway after selecting the checkbox: “I understand and still want to install it“.

    Step 3: Once the Towelroot installation completes, launch the application and click the button reading “make it ra1n” and it will force your device to reboot.

    Step 4: After the device reboots to home screen your phone will be rooted with its bootloader unlocked. Cheers!

    Along with the Android users who were itching to get Android rooting technique for their devices and doing tons of things such as customizations, patching apps and installing third-party ROMs, the new tool will also allow cybercriminals as well to gain administrative access to a victim’s phone.


    Specifically, at the same time the cyber criminal with the administrative access could potentially run malicious code, retrieve files, bypass third-party or security applications including containers like Samsung’s secure Knox sub-operating system, and place backdoors for future access on users’ devices.


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  • Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets

    Being Homeless Is Not A Crime

    By Father Nathan Monk

    PENSACOLA, FL – Living in Florida, we don’t often have the opportunity to use the heat setting on our thermostat, but this winter we got the chance in a big way. And as a matter of fact, so many people in my neighborhood were using heaters that it blew out the transformer.

    So there I was with my wife and three kids, all of us huddled under blankets with the fireplace roaring, watching the temperature continue to drop from a comfortable 65 degrees down to 45. But outside it was 17 degrees and raining and sleeting, and if you were homeless, you had to consider that if you used a blanket to shield yourself from the elements, that you might be hauled off to jail for a violation of a local ordinance prohibiting using blankets, cardboard, or newspaper to cover yourself.

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    This was part of a series of ordinances which prohibited using public restrooms for washing your face, panhandling, and “camping”. Though the mayor’s office and members of the city council tried to say that these ordinances were not targeted at the homeless, email correspondence between them and other city officials proved otherwise.

    The anti-camping ordinance went the furthest in its limitation of basic civil liberties, making it essentially illegal, not only to cover yourself for any reason, but also effectively making it illegal to be homeless. It was a tough ordinance to fight, because if you opposed them, it gave the impression that you were supporting blight in the city. Not to mention the city council wasn’t interested in having the discussion. The then council president either would cut people off or have them thrown out during the public discussion.

    The ordinances were passed, in spite of the public outcry.

    One of the arguments that was constantly used during the limited debate about the ordinances, was that there was a “silent majority” that wanted to see these laws passed. So these people didn’t show up to the meetings or send emails that could be presented as part of the public record. Instead, they might have stopped a council person on the streets, so they claimed it had more weight than the hundreds of folks in the council chambers in protest. I decided to see how true this supposed silent majority was.


    I started a petition, and within a day we had nearly 1,000 signatures opposing the ordinance. People began to ask the question, “Could this ordinance be used on me, or just the homeless?” And the answer from the legal staff of the city is that yes, this law was applicable to anyone who used a blanket or news paper to cover themselves in public. Even if you got stuck in a city park because it was raining and you tried to shield yourself, you would technically be in violation of this ordinance and subject to arrest. So would your wife and child if they laid down with a blanket at a picnic or festival.


    The mayor quickly attempted to distance himself from the ordinances, placing blame on the council, even though it has been proven time and again that the memos came directly from his office, at his request. Then the mayor tried to downplay the concern of people saying that there was enough shelter, and that “no one was taking blankets away from the homeless.” But the problem is that the mayor was answering questions no one was asking, directed at accusations no one made. The issue is not that the mayor was taking away people’s blankets, because honestly that would be a violation of the illegal search and seizure clause in the constitution, but rather that someone could be arrested simply for being homeless.

    The argument that there are shelters open and that they should just go there, showed exactly why the mayor shouldn’t be making policy about things which he doesn’t understand. Not only are there not enough shelter beds for everyone within the city limits, there is not even a shelter within the city limits for them to go to. If someone was to seek shelter, they would have to go into the county and have a valid ID. Not to mention that many folks don’t qualify for shelters for other reasons and many won’t patronize them because they are veterans who suffer from PTSD.

    The major shelter in town only allows for people to stay three days a month, unless they join their drug rehabilitation and Christian indoctrination program. This is the only solution the city is willing to put forward. No matter if someone ends up on the streets due to bad decision, disability, a poor economy, or if they simply just prefer living outside to dealing with the trappings of the modern life, it should go without saying that they have an absolute right to cover themselves with a blanket.

    The idea that something as basic as covering oneself from the elements could land them in jail is just about as far away from the founding documents as it gets. Then again, it is easy to pick on people that don’t have a voice. But as the poem goes, “and then they came for me.” To help fight the ordinance visit the change.org petition here:


    Father Nathan Monk lives in Pensacola, Florida and studied Theology at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Seminary.