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  • Computer Repair /Virus Removal/ Screen Repair

    * Windows installed, reinstalled and/or restored

    We will reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    or can partition HD and install a diffrent OS as a dual boot or we can make a virtual machine of any specific OS.


    * MAC OS X reinstalled. All versions of OS X

    We will reformat the hard drive and reinstall the version of OS X your computer came with or your choice.

    * Hardware drivers installation

    We will install any internal or external hardware in your computer. Graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, memory, printer, scanner or any other hardware. Installation includes all drivers installation and configuration for proper use.


    * Latest windows updates

    We will install the latest patch and updates for windows and all software and hardware installed on your computer.

    * Computer Tune-up and Optimization

    We will check your hard drive for errors and bad sectors and fix them if found. Remove unwanted programs as well as trial version installed in your computer and we will do a complete hard drive clean up and defragmentation. This tune up service also includes a full inside clean up of the computer to remove all the dust and dirt built-up from fan and others hardware.

    * Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal

    We will remove all viruses, malware or spyware that are affecting your computer. In some cases these viruses, spyware and malware corrupt some files that windows needs to boot up and a whole new Windows installation is required.

    * Software Installation

    Before installing the software, we will make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to install it. If it meets the requirements we will install the software and all the updates available for it to make sure it runs the way it should. Software cost is in addition to this service.

    * Hardware Upgrades

    With the technologies progressing on a daily basis, is very likely that in less than 6 month, our brand new laptop is out of date and no able to run some games or software. Let us know what you need and we will do rest for you. We can help you with any hardware installation and or upgrade you may need.

    If your laptop has the screen cracked, bring it to us, we can fix it in less than an hour. We have most laptop screens in stock for all laptop brands and models.

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