Will your next purchase be a laptop, desktop pc, apple computer or a tablet?

Why buy a Desktop?
More performance.
Share with the whole family.
Make a comfortable home office setting.
More possibilities like dual monitors, photo editing, graphic design, and gaming.

Why buy a Laptop?
Good for portability.
Take with you on when you travel.
Use anywhere in the house.
They are as powerful as the average PC now.
You can take all of your work to and from the office with ease.

Why buy a Tablet?
Low cost.
Small and ultra portable.
Take with you on when you travel.
Use anywhere in the house.
Good portability, but no desktop applications and less space.

Here are some of the features to consider:
Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet
Processor Cores and speed
RAM Memory
Hard Drive Size
Screen Size
Optical drive: (CD, CD RW, DVD RW, or Blu-Ray)
Video Capability (home/business or gaming)
Ethernet Speed
Operating System
Web Cam
HDMI Ports

Questions to ask before deciding on a computer:
Do you want a Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet?
Do you need it for business or personal use?
Do you do gaming?
Do edit video?
Do you use music programs? (iTunes)
Do you watch tv on it? (Netflix, HuLu, Online Movie Streaming)
Do you edit graphics or photos? (photoshop)
How are you going to connect it to the internet(wi-fi, or ethernet)?
Do you need a new monitor, keyboard, or mouse?
Do you need any accessories like a web cam or wi-fi router?
Do you have a backup strategy to protect from file loss?
Do you also need a new printer?
How much does it cost?

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