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Eset Antivirus for Sale Special Price of $59.99 for 3 Computers

Eset Smart Security Connects and protects you securely on social networks, Internet and More

Eset Smart Security  Special $59.99 for 3 computers

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Eset Smart Security Suite for Windows

Business & Residential Virus Removal Services

Our specialists are experts at detecting and removing malicious computer viruses, trojans, spyware, root kits and other software which may have infected your PC computer system. We use the latest proven industry standard techniques for virus infection and Malware removal.

Online computer repair services, Helping to keep your personal and business data safe from cyber thieves and organizations that could hold your data hostage, by making it unreachable to you until you pay a fee, or purchase a bogus software package. You don’t have to visit questionable websites or participate in file sharing to acquire computer viruses. New virus and malware exploits are being put in place every day in the hopes that you will make the mistake of visiting an infected website, or by opening a questionable file or e-mail. Virus removal, Malware removal, rootkit infections and Spyware removal you can depend on.


We specialize in removing some of the most stubborn computer viruses and rootkits in circulation, without the need to reload your computer. Our trained technicians can safely remove viruses such:

The FBI MoneyPak Screen Locker Virus

The Department Of Justice Ransomware

The Mandiant USA Cyber Security Bootkit

PRISM Internet Surveillance Program MoneyPak

The ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus

The United States Courts Screen Locker Virus

The Homeland Security MoneyPak Virus

* Plus many more computer virus and malicious software infections

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