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Affordable Online Computer Remote
Services and Technical Support.

When you need professional computer support at your home or business, but you would rather avoid an onsite visit by
a technician, we offer lower priced online support services. By taking this approach we can offer the same great high
quality computer support services that we provide in person, but at a lower cost to you. By utilizing CCRS for your online
computer support services, clients that live and work outside of our normal on-site service area can still receive great
computer service by us, in a timely and cost-effective manner. CCRS online computer support services are securely provided
nationwide, with the same great service we provide during our on-site visits. And once we’ve completed all of the needed
repairs on your system, our technicians will disconnect from your computer and they will no longer have any access to your
computer. Our remote services are completely secured with 128 bit encryption.

Complete Computer Repair and Technical Support Services


Online Support and Remote Services include:

  • Locating and removing viruses and other malicious software from your system
  • Tuning up your personal computer, helping it to start and function much faster
  • Configuring & repairing email access clients, such as Outlook and their associated data files
  • Configuring external devices such as printers, scanners and external storage devices
  • Performing standard routine maintenance, such as examining system logs for issues ect.
  • Assisting in data back-up processes and migrating data between multiple computers in network
  • Setting up secure wireless networks, once the proper equipment connections are in place
  • Repairing errors that cause your computer to lock or freeze up
  • Assisting in the installation and upgrading of various software packages
  • Checking network connection for possible vulnerabilities
  • Resolving various software and hardware conflicts

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