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IT Network Engineer - Server Network Specialist

IT network engineers, Server setup and configuration for windows server 2003, server 2008, server 2012 and Apple Mac OS x Server.

When your business or home
needs internet access data and printer sharing
accross multiple workstations, computer and devices

You can count on us to design and install a server and network that will work for you. Wether you need a domain or a workgroup set-up we can professionally install and configure wired and wireless networks or a combination of the two.

With an office or home network you can easily share files and printers with multiple users, saving on the cost of having to purchase separate add-on devices for each individual user. With a properly configured network in place, you will have an easier time controlling which employees have access to specific company files and resources. We can configure a high performance computer network in just one facility or between multiple sites utilizing highly encrypted virtual private networks. Our network engineers will evaluate your needs and make cost-effective suggestions base on equipment and work needed.It solutions for your business and residence. Always online anytime anywhere, and onsite services

  Complete Computer Repair - IT Network Services Fort Lauderdale

          Local and Online IT managed services, Network Server specialist maintenance and installation

Local and Online IT Network Server Engineer Services Include:

  • Network cabling and repair
  • Router/ Network Installation and configuration
  • Network printer installation
  • Firewall installation & configuration
  • Windows group policies configuration
  • Windows user accounts set-up & config
  • VPN configuration & troubleshooting
  • Network security and firewall testing
  • Active Directory, DNS & DHCP Configuration
  • ME Server configuration & troubleshooting
  • Citrix Xenapp server configuration
  • Oline it services and it Network solutions

We provide cost-effective onsite and online computer network services for large and small organizations. From home based businesses to corporate offices and trades shows, Complete Computer Repair Services is your best source for all of your home or company's computer network needs. All our technicians and support representatives have up to date valid industry standard computer certifications including A+, Network+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certifications.