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Have you forgotten your OSX or Windows logon password?
Dont worry, We can retrieve it for you.

Complete Computer Pasword Recovery and Password Removal Services

With the large amount of user accounts, emails, files and website logins to keep track, passwords and login access credentials can easily be forgotten, misplaced or changed by accident. Complete Computer Repair Services password recovery specialist can perform password audits on your business or home computers and easily determine all user accounts, email and login authentication credentials or simply reset your passwords. Our password recovery specialist can also recover passwords from various office document formats and database files such as Adobe Reader, Intuit Quickbooks and many other popular data files that may have password protection. The password recovery operation usually only takes a few minutes. We can perform password recovery operations on a single workstation, a single file, file servers and also domain controllers. Our technicians will attempt to recover your user accounts and data files password in the quickest time possible, while minimizing your downtime if any during the process.

We can perform computer password recovery operations on Apple OSX, Windows PC user accounts and file password recovery on most common accessed data files including:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Symantec Act!
  • Lotus Notes
  • Best Crypt
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Corel Wordperfect
  • Lotus Organizer
  • Windows Microsoft Access
  • Windows Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Money
  • Intuit Quicken Files
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Windows Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft SQL databases
  • Windows Microsoft Word
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Intuit Quickbooks

Is good practice to use different passwords for each of your user accounts. We understand how difficult it can be trying to keep up with with so many diffrent sites and files, however it is the best approach to keeping your information safe. Now just imagine what kind of a situation you would have if all your passwords were the same and some malicious user determined what that single password was. That could have disastrous results for you and your company. So to be safe, your passwords must be changed at least unce a month making sure not to use combinations that relate to you or your family. When you chose passwords utilizing the names of family members, family pets, birthdays, anniversaries and addresses, you’re making it easy for someone else to break into your accounts. Be smart with your user account credentials, because the cyber thieves are a lot smarter than you may think, they’re very patient, sly and they have a lot of time on their hands to continuously attempt brute force attacks on your accounts, in the hopes of coming across an account with a weak password.